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Oil and Gas Heating Systems

Heating Oil Delivery

We have a wide range of delivery plans for heating oil, so you can choose the best plan for your needs and your budget. (See delivery choices here .)

Today, Mansfield also offers you a choice of what kind of fuel you use in your oil burner: You can use our conventional heating oil, which some customers prefer for its economy, or you can choose our biofuel blend.

Biofuel blends (which include a soy-based fuel) burn more efficiently and cleanly than conventional heating oil. They also reduce emissions and maintenance costs, while increasing your heating system's performance and service life. Changing over to a biofuel doesn't require any changes or adjustments to your heating system. Give us a call for full information.


Cost Reduction Energy Audits

Looking for ways to reduce your heating expense this coming winter? Want to spend less keeping cool in the summer? Give us a call. We’ll do a thorough cost reduction energy audit of your HVAC system and provide you with a complete evaluation and recommendations. You’ll be amazed at how just a few simple measures can dramatically lower your costs.

Annual Service Plans

Every family has a different set of needs and a different budget. That’s why other companies’ One-Size-Fits-All approach can create unnecessary inefficiency, expense, and headaches for you.

When it comes to your family’s comfort and your peace of mind, pick a service plan that’s perfectly suited to your situation. Mansfield offers you the broadest possible choice of service plans available in Central and South Jersey. See here for more information.

Oil and Gas Installations

Concerned about the high cost of heating or cooling your home? Perhaps the quickest and easiest way to substantially reduce that cost is to upgrade your system with modern equipment from Mansfield.

For example, upgrading to a new state-of-the-art oil burner can reduce your fuel costs by as much as 25%! Do you have gas heat instead of oil? Upgrading your gas heat system can significantly reduce your annual energy costs. Recent technology improvements have increased gas heating system efficiencies to 90% or higher.

Are you switching from oil to gas heat? Mansfield can deliver a new gas burner, with full installation performed quickly and professionally. And we can arrange an annual service plan for your gas system, too. Call us for details.


Mansfield’s Approach to Home Heating is Fuel Neutral

We can install and maintain both oil and natural gas heating systems. We offer a complete line of related heating products, too, including hot water boilers; state-of-the-art, high-efficiency furnaces; heat pumps; direct vent units; and much more. For complete information, give us a call today.



It's true: Every family does have a different set of needs and a different budget. That's why, if you have a problem with your present oil or gas heating system, you should give us a call even if you haven’t worked with Mansfield before. Our qualified service technicians have a vast amount of experience with a wide range of oil and gas heating systems. Contact us about any concerns or questions you might have.

Qualified Technicians

Our team of service technicians treats you like you were family, bringing you decades of training and field experience. Your comfort is their mission; they pride themselves on doing a professional job every time. After all, a satisfied customer – and that's you – is our very best advertisement.


High-Quality Brands

With Mansfield, you have a full range of good options to choose from, so you stay comfortable and within your household budget. You can rest assured that Mansfield's service technicians will install only products with excellent performance, superior quality, and superb craftsmanship, from respected brands like York™, Weil McLain™, ThermoPride™ and other quality manufacturers.


Heating Certifications

Selling your home? Have a rental property? When you need a heat certification, just contact us and we’ll see to it that you have your certification quickly. Call Mansfield for fast, accurate service.


With modern technology, oil tanks can last far longer. But it’s important to ensure their integrity from time to time. As a tank ages, and even though it may look perfectly fine from the outside, it could be losing wall thickness due to unseen corrosion on the inside. Our innovative TankSure program uses modern ultrasonic sound-wave technology to detect any hidden corrosion before it leads to unwelcome leakage. Using a handheld probe and readout device, our certified technician measures the wall thickness of your aboveground oil storage tank to see if corrosion is occurring. If the tank qualifies, the TankSure program can provide you with up to a $1,000 warranty toward replacement if the tank walls ever become unreliable in the future.

In-Ground Tank Removal

If you need an underground oil tank removed, we can take care of the entire process for you, including any remediation work if required. Give us a call for a free, completely confidential cost estimate. We can also help you take advantage of state programs offering thousands of dollars in free grant money to remove the tank and replace it with an aboveground version.

Price-Protection Plans

The price of heating oil depends on a vast number of factors such as weather, global supply and demand, and many others. The complex interaction of these factors can sometimes produce swings in the price of oil. Market conditions permitting, we offer price protection plans that can protect you and your family from these price swings. You can actually put a cap on the maximum price you’ll pay for your annual heating needs! Give us a call for plan availability and full details.


Emergency Repairs

Do you have an emergency that needs prompt attention? Give us a call right away and we'll re-route our first available technician to help you in your time of need. For more information about handling your emergency, see here.

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