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Humidifiers and Air Purification


Humidifier Installation and Service

Whether you use gas or oil heat, you’ll find a humidifier to be a real plus in the wintertime. The air from your oil or gas furnace keeps you cozy and warm, but it is also dry. Humidifiers add small molecules of moisture to the air. That can help keep you healthier (by moistening the air you breathe) and also help eliminate static electricity (those little shocks you get when touching metal). And here’s a surprise: A humidifier can extend the life of your furniture, too - and even keep your wooden floors from buckling!

Air Purification Systems

The cleanliness of the air in your home is a major factor in the health of your family. Allergens, dust, and a host of other tiny particles and even chemicals can make the air inside your home an important vector for all sorts of allergies and other health problems. Mansfield has advanced air purification systems that can significantly improve the quality of the air in your home. Call us today for full information.

Do You Have an Older Home?

A common limitation in older homes is a lack of space for air conditioning ducts. Mansfield has the solution. We can provide you with a ductless air conditioning system, matched perfectly to the needs of your home.

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